How to edit domain contact information

  1. login to your client area at to manage your new domain.
  2.  Once you logged in, click on Domains -> My Domains
  3. After that, click on Manage Domain button against your domain name for which you want to change contact informations or you can click on directly " Edit Contact Information"

Registrant Authorization not required - Appoint Registrar as Designated Agent:

  • Registrar acts as Designated Agent and authorizes the change request. Under this option, the registrant cannot opt out of the 60-day lock.
  • If both the Prior Registrant and New Registrant authorized the registrar to serve as DA, the change request will apply immediately. If only one has authorized the registrar to serve as DA, the change will only occur after the Prior Registrant or New Registrant, whichever is required, consents to the requested change.
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